March 2007  

Non-Destructive Testing with Flux3D

A study has on the modeling of Non Destructive Testing using eddy currents with FLUX 8.10, 3D application has recently been performed at CEDRAT. FLUX has demonstrated its capacity to obtain high-quality results for this kind of application with reasonable … Continue reading

Why Flux3D is well suited for Ship Magnetization

Pioneering the field of computation of electromagnetic fields related to ships, FLUX has become a known and renowned reference in the world. This leadership has a long history: The partnership developed with the LMN, Laboratoire de Magnétisme du Navire, that … Continue reading

Modelling of Eddy Currents in a Winding of a Switched Reluctance Motor

Introduction To some extent, the winding of a switched reluctance machine [SR motor] could be treated as an air‒gap winding, where the eddy currents in the conductors could be significant. This is most noticeable on the leading (“motoring”) side of … Continue reading