Macro Your Flux… an assortment of Macros have been included with Flux 2D and 3D

We would like to make all of our Flux V.10 users aware that an assortment of Macros have been included with their Flux 2D and 3D program installations. A macro is a Pyflux function with parameters that can be uploaded to the Flux environment. When added to the Flux application interface, a macro streamlines repetitive operations.

Several Macro’s are shipped and installed with the Flux program.
They are loaded from the Flux project interface and are stored in the C:\Cedrat\Extensions\Macros directory.
There is also an online guide that shows users,familiar with the PyFlux command language, how to construct their own macros
This guide, Macro Creation and Application Management pdf.,
explains how to construct your own custom Macro for use in Flux.

Some Advantages of using Macros include:

• Macros make repetitive tasks automatic.
• Macros allow the input of geometric items from a table or spreadsheet.
• Macros customize Flux for specific applications.
• Macros automate treatment for each phase of project development.

To load existing macros go open a Flux project and go to:
• Extensions/Macro/Load
• The Macro Icon will appear in your Flux Toolbar and the macro input Box will open when you left click on the macro icon. ****Additionally, We would like to encourage you to share any of your macros with fellow users in the Flux community. We request that you initially submit them through the Magsoft Support site and once they are reviewed, we will post them for the Flux community to access. (

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