Macro Your Flux… an assortment of Macros have been included with Flux 2D and 3D

We would like to make all of our Flux V.10 users aware that an assortment of Macros have been included with their Flux 2D and 3D program installations.
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Performance Analysis of a Transverse Flux Wheel Motor by a Non-Linear Mathematical Model

Wheel electric motors have gained an ever-growing interest in road electric vehicle applications, due to the absence of gearboxes. The configurations with an outer rotor directly coupled to the rim are particularly favorable, thanks to their compactness and to the … Continue reading

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Twenty Examples of Magnetism

Twenty Examples of Magnetism at Work Refrigerator magnets- artwork & messages Refrigerator magnets- to seal and close the doors Metal machine shop holding devices Scrap yard and steel mill lifting Separation of materials Radiation Isotope creation Pure Physics research Motors- … Continue reading

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