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Embedded electromechanical devices and systems offer a new alternative to traditional mechanical solutions.

Despite the harsh environment in which they operate, embedded electromechanical devices and systems are simple to control, flexible to operate and fast to reconfigure. They are fault tolerant, require low maintenance, and enable advanced prognostics. They are used to maximize craft availability, to reduce operating costs and environmental impact.

Use Magsoft software solutions to evaluate the behavior of embedded electromechanical devices and systems under various conditions, from rated conditions to degraded operations, including fail safe operations.

From the device to the system, take advantage of the capabilities for optimization wwith Magsoft software solutions, reduce cost, size and weight of designs, getting ever closer to producing the full electric craft of tomorrow.

Magsoft software solutions offers a complete range of modeling tools able to take into account the specificities of power systems such as the ones in:

Aeronautics & Space
Aeronautic Industry Suppliers


EM Launcher – Solved with Flux

Electric rotating machine

  • Propulsion systems, starters, ancillary machinery
  • Starters, generators, motors and actuators
  • Fuel pumps

Power Electronics Devices

  • Power modules, variable speed drives
  • Inverters, rectifiers, power converters, transformers
  • EMC analysis


  • Landing gear retraction, steering and braking
  • Flight control primary and secondary systems
  • Electric drive for gearbox
  • Electrical safety protection and switchgear (relays, circuit breakers)
  • Combination of electrical and hydraulic actuators


  • Electromagnetic launcher
  • Electromagnetic valves
  • Position & proximity sensors

Electrical Connections

  • Power distribution cabling systems, wire harnesses
  • Energy transportation systems
  • Current return paths through the fuselage
  • Electrical power distribution systems, power quality evaluation

Magnetic Signature – Solved with Flux

Energy Storage Devices

  • Energy storage and dissipation

… And much more

  • Composite materials fuselage EMC analysis
  • Eddy currents brakes
  • Sparking sytems
  • Corrosion protection systems
  • NDE material inspection
  • Ship magnetic signature, noise reduction systems


Aker Kvaerner, Boeing, Dassault, EADS, DCN, Defence Research and Development Canada, DGA GESMA, Fincantieri Cantieri Navali Italiani SpA, Hellenic Naval Academy, KDD Submarine Cable Systems Inc, Kockums, Koninklijk Instituut Van de Marine, Naval surface warfare center, Naval undersea warfare center, Royal Netherlands Navy, Thales, Solar Impulse

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