Automotive and Transport

Clean energy and eco-mobility are driving tomorrow’s technology

The careful design of all electrical devices installed in a vehicle is key. While keeping the vehicle compact, the design must achieve:

Minimum power consumption while maintaining performance
Reduced electromagnetic radiations
Limited temperature increase

Each device can be very complex and the design constraints are many. Because subsystems influence each other, it is necessary to optimize the entire system as a whole and to test the dynamic interactions between the subsystems. System simulation is key to apprehending the behavior of machinery, including drive & control. For example a full system simulation is necessary to evaluate the performance of a hybrid powertrain.
Magsoft software solutions offers a complete range of modeling tools able to take into account the specificities of power systems such as the ones in:

Cars, Light Trucks
OEM and Automotive Industry Suppliers
Moped, Motorcycles and Electric Bikes
Agricultural Machinery, Material Handling Equipments
Rail transportation
Ship, all electric ship

Synchronous Reluctance Machine


Electric rotating machine

  • Powertrain electric motors (BPM, IM, SR machines, etc)
  • Starters, generators, motors and actuators
  • Machine drive and power electronic systems

Energy Storage Devices

  • Battery
  • Electric boosters (incl. KERS)
  • Contactless charging systems

Power Electronics Devices

  • Power modules, variable speed drives
  • Inverters, rectifiers, power converters, transformers
  • EMC analysis


  • Position & proximity sensors
  • Speed sensors


  • Linear or rotating actuators
  • Electromagnetic valves
  • Electrical safety protection & switching devices (relays, circuit breakers, …)

Fuel Injector – Mesh

Electrical connections 

  • Cables, busbars, wire harnesses
  • Energy distribution systems

… And much more

  • System integration : energy efficient systems, thermal & EMC interactions
  • Ignition coils / Sparking systems
  • Eddy-current brakes
  • Corrosion protection systems
  • NDE material inspection
  • Material hardening


Alstom, Boeing, BMW, Bombardier, Central Japan Railway, Centro Tecnico Aerospatial Brazil, DCN, Dassault, EADS, Faurecia, General Motors, Korean Railroad Research Institute, Leroy Somer, Mitsubishi, NTN-SNR, PSA, Renault, Snecma, Siemens, Tesla, Thales, ThyssenKrupp Presta, Valeo, Venturi, Volkswagen, Volvo,  Zodiac

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